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immortal rain

ahh...Me really IS such a great song!! and especially after reading the translation! it's so sweet ne. ^_^

it's HAE HAE HAE!! <333 XD

immortal rain

ok, so, it's both Donghae and Kyuhyun, right? cuz Hae says it first then Kyu repeats it later in the song. lol. *can't stop watching*


XD yeah! im so addicted with the PV~~ XD and the translation is just <3333. i so love Hae and Henry in the PV~~

hai, its Hae then Kyu on the second verse! =)

but i also love Henry's part that was first sang by Seasoning on the 1st verse~~ ah! i love SJM too much now ah.

immortal rain

haha. yay~
it really is true ne?? once you get to know them, it's hard to stop being obsessed with them. lol. XDDD

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