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yay! arigatou! :D i'll start tomorrow ne.. :D miss you too po! ~*^____________^*~


Katz! haha 'cause I haven't been around much nor online lols. miss you! aaah thanks for tagging now I have to force myself to think of some happy things which is not a bad thing xD


my dear Koonie~~ i miss you a bunch~ hope everything's well. & yeah thinkin of happy things is not bad. ^^ take care ya.


katz...i hope you forgive me ne, i thought this was your most updated vox^^;
anyways, happy holidays and happy new year c:
the video you uploaded for christmas was joyful to watch;
maybe you can share some of the arashi-related photos at www.arashi2009.forumup.com c: i'll be happy to see ya there...

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