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Haha TOP-sshi! He is such a big dork! And spacing out most of the time too.

For me, I like all 5 Big Bang members (typical i cannot pick one haha) and I have taught Marissa to scream "Arashi" and "Big Bang".


Lols, Dun~~ ive been itching and wanting to reply to your entries but i end up forgetting it~~ Ive always like TOP. but ive been telling my friends that I like Tae Yang~~ cause I thought that TOP was Tae Yang at first. stupid ME.

I am so addicted to Last Farewell~~ i so love the MV and i dunno why~~

Marissa is really cute and pretty~ Ive seen her picture in your LJ~ she's growin up so fast. I cant believe im so behind everything already.

Take care, Master. I miss you heaps.

P.S. Ive read in LJ that you watched SuJu's FullHouse~~ HanKyung is so cute right?? Hahahah, Heechul is my fave. he is so gay. ^^


Ah Tae Yang isn't so bad either :D I love his solo haha I can rewatch it non-stop everytime just to see him dance.

My mom loves that mv too and keep asking me if there was a K-drama like that. I'm spreading Big Bang to my family now too haha Marissa can go "Arashi" and "Big Bang".

I still have about 3 episodes to go which I have not watched yet. Hankyung is very cute haha and Heechul reminds me of Subaru.


I like TaeYang too. he looks so cool and the amazing voice. i DLed this Christmas medley perf of BB, WG, SuJu, SNSD and SGWannabe and i was so drawn to TaeYang~~ DaeSung's voice is great but i really like TaeYang's voice is amazing too. i like everyone in BB. I remember Seungri in Gayo~~ lols. singing Kissing You and Nobody~~ he is so cute~~ Seungri is the youngest, right?

Last Farewell. there was a day when i listened to it for the WHOLE DAY~~

AH! if you live near me, i'll "force" you to watch FullHouse. lols. Heechul is just crazy but he's adorable too. Subaru~~ i think they have the same mood swings?

so yeah, this reply is so long~~ but i havent talked to you for ages~~

P.S. if you got d time~~ JoAhSeo (How to be a Good Daddy) is so funny~~ it has Heechul (SuJu), Hongki (FTIsland), Gunmo, Hatsan appa and the other guy that i forgot the name~~ lols.

P.P.S. I really want to pimp u with some SuJu shows~~ im so behind BB, i need a pimp-er. lols. 

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