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I LOVE YOU! *pokes you*

Tenjo Style

I got my DVD today, but I am sick with fever.. I am not sure if I will watch it today or not.... But I know that Subarashiki Sekai is there... and I can't wait to watch it... it's one of my Arashi special songs, and now, it's one of yours too ^_~

take care and you know were you can find me, chu~


Thanks for sharing this link! My copy hasn't arrive yet and I'm too busy to go search for all the uploaded vids, so thank you so much for sharing ne. This is one of my fav songs too, coz the melody is so catchy and smooth and the lyrics are so meaningful, like almost all of arashi's songs. Demo ne, after watching the first few mins, I realised something. Well, not really realise, but just recalled something I realised before.

I'm sure I won't like any member as much as I do now if they were not in this group called arashi. My fav is Jun, although the other 4 take turns to pull Jun to second place. Demo, after the first few secs, I remembered how Jun so cannot sing. And when you contrast that with Nino right after Jun ended his solo part, the disparity in singing ability is...obvious. So, it's impossible for me to like him for his singing. Acting? Well, I loved him as Tsukasa and Shin, Bambino didn't work as well as HYD did for me, and I didn't watch his movie. So maybe acting isn't the full reason. What remains is really what he is with the other four. I love them all together. I love how they make up for each other's weakness. It's amazing how well they sound together when Jun and Aiba don't really sound very good singing alone. Ahhh I so love the boys ne!!

Btw, I received your pm but it was very late when I saw it so I didn't reply! =) Glad you liked it and take care ne!!! Gotta watch the full dvd deshou?


Eunnie~~~ ilu too. see u soon~~ let us enjoy this summer and make wonderful memories together~~ swimming~~~


AB~~ I clearly can remember the day when you posted that entry~ its in mt favourites~~

Uwa. i miss talking to you! I hope you'll feel better soon~~


No prob ^_^ I was looking for the videos too and I stumbled that video~~

It is amazing how fit. Its like puzzle pieces~~ It is really wonderful what Arashi has brought in ourselves. I wouldnt have met you if not for them. Its really a wonderful world ne?

Again, thank you so much for the card! Take care always!

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